Tusker on rampage kills two, unleashed terror in Puri district

Bhubaneswar: Two problematic tuskers have unleashed a reign of terror killing two persons injuring several others in a couple of villages in Pipili block of Puri district.

The tuskers went on rampage and trampled to death to persons- Makara Dalei (62), Chaitanya Sahu- in Rajatei and Chardadei villages. Both of them died on the spot as the furious animal picked them up by trunk and tossed up in the air.

Besides at least seven more people were injured as the tuskers attacked them, said forest officials.

The spots where human fatalities were registered are not elephants’ habitation corridor. The animals sneaked into the village from the forest areas of Khurda forest division. They might have entered into the villages to eat up standing crops, said forest officials.

A team of wildlife staffs are camping in villages where the elephant had gored to death two people and injuring others. The animals’ movement is being monitored by GPS trackers.

The man-elephant conflict has assumed alarming proportion in the State with human toll since April, 2019 climbing up to 106 till today while 113 others were injured. The State, which is home to 1976 elephants, has witnessed 182 man-elephant encounters till date.