Two Arrested For Witchcraft Murder

Bhubaneswar: Kandhamal district police have arrested two persons who had allegedly hacked to death a man last week on the suspicion of being a witchcraft practitioner.

The accused persons- Sumant Mallik and Kuturusa Mallik- had stabbed to death Sudama Mallick on January 3 in Brahmani village. The accused duo was under the impression that Sudama was a black magic practitioner and had cast evil spell on the village by the practice.

The duo after murdering the man had cremated the body in dense forest area to escape detection. Later the skeletal remains of the body were exhumed and the assailants were arrested, police said.

There is no letup witch hunting and witch craft violence in Odisha despite government’s claim of enacting penal measures and setting motion awareness measures to sensitize the superstition-driven people.

This year spanning from January 1 till today, 32 people have been killed in witchcraft violence while over 100 more cases of violence have been reported.

Superstition is the root cause of sorcery practice. The practice is giving rise to violence. Apart from people being mercilessly murdered under suspicion of practicing witchcraft, there are innumerable instances of victims being brutally tortured and ostracized from the villages altogether. Most of these cases go unreported and are never brought to the notice of law-enforcing agencies, said rationalist Debendra Sutar.